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Bias Binding Samples Shade Card - ALL 45 Plain Colours & 9 Styles


These shade cards show all of our 45 colours that we tend to hold in stock at Frumble and we will also include a small 10-15cm piece of each of our plain bias profiles in with the card. The samples colours included are chosen at random.

Our current profiles are:

  • 16mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm
  • 40mm  (great for quilts)
  • 60mm (great for quilts)
  • Double Fold
  • Small Piping
  • Medium Plus Piping
  • Large Piping

We LOVE bias binding! From all the plain fold bias to the fancy ones! This piping is really nice quality and great to work with. You can see a medium being used on my sewing machine cover.

We have many customers who buy this for manufacturing all kinds of products. Monica's personal favourite profile is the double fold as it's great for quickly and neatly edging everything, from a sewing machine cover (pictured) to some thick quilted mats or super speedy bunting!

Please note: We also stock another shade card (see last picture) that has all these colours plus all the rest of the colours that our supplier has available, which we can order in but these can take a while longer as we have to order them specially for you.