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As many of you will already know, our small business is entirely ran by the Team Frumble Duo or Mat and Monica. Unfortunately, Monica has tested positive with Covid this afternoon and we feel that we should avoid time in our studio as our business is in a shared building with lots and lots of other small businesses. I'm sure you all understand...

We hope it will be short lived as Monica isn't feeling too bad at the moment but we'll have to see.

Please, please continue to place orders and we'll make sure we work twice as hard to get all orders out quickly as soon as we can get back in the studio. I'd hope this will be by Monday 28th March.

We have seen quite a dip in our orders over the last couple of months and we realise that everyone is having to tighten their belts a little more at the moment and this includes us too.

We have added quite a few new fabrics. to the website recently and we'll try to get a few more on the site whilst we are at home getting better.

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