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I am sure many of you reading this are aware that we have remained open whilst the UK has been in lockdown.

The business is ran by the two of us, Mat & Monica, and we have been able to just about stay on top of orders over the last couple of months but this has been a huge physical and mental challenge for us both. We haven't had any staff as we do not want to put ourselves or others at risk.

We have worked every single day, including weekends since 9th March and this includes bank holidays and Easter Sunday. We have been getting into the studio as early as 6:30am and staying as late as 10pm.

Over the last few weeks, we have had to temporarily close a few times the shop for several hours so that there isn't a huge backlog. We find that having too many orders to process at any one time really dents our motivation to keep on going.

The main contributor to our workload, which has been getting worse every day is the number of orders that are entirely made up of half metres of fabric.

We know we can't blame you as we have a lot of fabrics and you keep telling us how much you love them! But these orders are making it impossible to process orders and therefore keep our shop open.

We want to provide a service and stay open for all those people who want to continue to sew. Whether you are dressmaking, sewing scrubs or face masks... we want to be here to supply you with our materials.

We have decided to try to keep our shop open, that we will be setting a minimum order for our fabric purchases and we are setting this to 1 metre. You will still be able to order in multiples of 0.5m but we have to temporarily stop selling individual half metres.

We hope that this will allow us to stay open and perhaps give us more time to prepare fabric bundles, list remnants and much more.

We really hope you understand this. It isn't a decision we have taken lightly and I know it won't work for everyone but we wanted to try to explain it from our point of view. We hope this change will allow us to:

  • maximise the number of orders we can fulfil
  • continue to supply customers only looking to purchase haberdashery
  • continue to provide a great service and quick dispatch
  • help us maintain our website and provide fabric and haberdashery for all customers, new and existing