20mm Cotton Herringbone Tape Remnant Pack Various Colours and Lengths 230g (approx 40m)

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 A brilliant selection of 20mm Cotton Herringbone webbing in various colours and lengths (some of the lengths are a few of metres long) perfect for projects that require smaller lengths than 5m. 

This pack includes approximately 230g of 20mm cotton herringbone tape webbing. I have measure a few of the bundles and the lengths were approximately 40m  but we cannot guarantee the exact lengths.

As you can see from the photos, the pack will come unrolled (unlike all our other neatly rolled packs) to save time and keep the price low and it might get to you a little scrunched up, but if will roll them on to cards, they will be perfectly neat in no time as they are not likely to crease much anyway!  A great way to store them is to cut up your cereal boxes (or similar) into small cards and roll them on to it. It works better for the smaller pieces anyway.

Happy sewing and have fun!

Composition: Cotton
Dimensions:  Various
Weight: 230g approximately

The colours and widths of the packs shown in the picture are an example only. All packs are slightly different, and colours and lengths may vary.

Stretch: Little/None
Main Colour: Multi

Please note, the picture is just an example of the Webbings included. The pack you receive may have different  colours or lengths from the ones pictured. I always try to include a good selection though :)

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