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HappyHide Metallic Vegan Leather 0.55mm


HappyHide is a paper based material, which has been combined with latex to produce a durable, versatile and washable paper. You might recognised this fabric as labels sewn onto many well-known denim jeans products.

HappyHide Metallic has a metallic foil top which has been laminated in the production process on to HappyHide Original. Unlike HappyHide Original Vintage, when washing Happy Hide Metallic it's best not to do it so on the washing machine as that can scratch or create unwanted creases on to the metallic side. A wipe clean, gentle hand wash will work best.

HappyHide can be sewn and when washed will wrinkle slightly, taking on a natural aged leather look and feel.

HappyHide is easy to sew, a bit like sewing leather or paper. You don't need a teflon foot as i will glide just fine though your standard sewing machine foot. I found the best way to sew it is to use a wide stitch as a narrow stitch will perforate it more that may weaken the seam, as it's not a woven material with threads running through like cotton for example. You can use a standard needle and thread although I found it looks beautiful stitched with a TopStitch thread and needle. Have fun experimenting with HappyHide, there's so many options!

One great tip to make HappyHide Original softer and easier to use, (like turning a basket inside out) will be to moisten the piece you are using with a little water, a sponge of water mister will work great. Just massage it a bit with your hands, and you will notice it instantly turning softer even though the surface will feel dry. It's like magic! The water will naturally turn it more pliable and soft so you don't feel you are feeding a massive sheet of card under your sewing machine.  HappyHide Vintage is naturally softer as it's been been pre worked and washed to create that look and feel but would still benefit moisten for added leather like softness.

It works really well in combination with other materials like felt or sewing cottons to create unique stylish items. It can be printed, embossed, sewn, stamped and so much more. You can iron it with stem to make it softer to handle or to iron out creases. Do not iron HappyHide Metallic on the foil side, iron on reverse.  Project ideas include handbags, shopping bags, wallets, purses, desk organisers, jewellery, bag-making… The list is endless.

It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex. It is widely recognised as a vegan friendly material and a viable alternative to many leather-based products.

Frumble Fabrics currently stock a small range of HappyHide including their all nine colours of the Original, Vintage and a handful of the Metallic papers. The Original series has a smooth, untreated finish. 

Thickness:  0.55mm
Sheet Size:  50x75cm
Colours:  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Pewter

We can also supply 100x150cm sheets but we need to use a courier to send this because it is too large for our standard delivery service. If you require large sheets then please contact us.

Monica has written a blog post here, where you can see how she used the gold HappyHide Metallic to make a label for a pair of handmade shorts!

HappyHide washing suggestions: 

Happy Hide can be washed in just water, with soap, washing powder or other detergents. You can hand wash it in the bath or in a sink/container or even in a washing machine (we have washed it at 30 degrees).

The different methods with give slightly different results. As Machine washing is more intense, it will soften the material a little more. The more your HappyHide is washed, the more the paper shows signs of wear (perhaps like a nice pair of jeans) but it doesn't disintegrate, it just becomes softer.

Treating HappyHide gently in the washes will prolong it's life and quality.

The Metallic HappyHide, we recommend a gentle hand wash so it does not damage the Metallic foil coating, scrunching it and scrubbing it will create a distress effect that you may or not want.