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Prym 9cm Gold-plated 'Stork' Embroidery Scissors


An absolute classic, these scissors are popular particularly for their enchanting design in the shape of a stork. They belong to the embroidery and thread scissor product group. Their slim pointed blades look like a stork's beak, the screw joint forms the eye and the stems imitate the fine relief of the feathers. The gold-plated embroidery scissors from Prym are principally suitable for sophisticated handicrafts, because they have a very fine point and meticulous blade grinding, which makes it possible to cut with millimetre precision. The Stork embroidery scissors not only cut threads or slots in fabric with precision; their unusual design makes them a real eye-catcher.

  • Gold-plated stork scissors for sophisticated hand-crafts
  • Fine points and meticulous blade cut
  • Precision cutting of threads or slots in fabric