Twister Elastic Trim - Neon Citrus


Stunning curly elastic in neon citrus colours. The colour changes depending on which direction you view it from, so it offers a crazy optical illusion!

Could be used as a real one-of-a-kind embellishment for all manner of projects such as: hoodie cords, drawstrings, hairbands, bracelets, sportswear straps, laptop closures etc.

We'd love to know what you use it for!

Price is per metre.

Extra details (approx)

  • Width: 5 mm
  • Stretch: 130%
  • Good elastic recovery

We will send multiple purchases as a continuous length whenever possible so if you need to buy more then just update the quantity in the box.
We try to produce accurate images and take great care in taking our photographs in days with good natural light to avoid excessive editing. With any image, the colours can vary from screen to screen. If you would like to match particular fabrics with threads, trims or other materials then please get in touch and we are happy to help.

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