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V Colour Block Jumper in Super Soft Sweat

V Colour Block Jumper in Super Soft Sweat

Yep, I stitched ANOTHER cosy jumper over Christmas!

Ever since we received this super soft GOTS Organic fleecy back softsweat jerseys , every time I cut a piece for an order, I was dying to make something for myself, specially with how cold it was in our studio. We have so many gorgeous colours and a few more came recently too: Deep Berry Red, Dusty Pink and Dusty Cyan Blue (some now sold out)



So as soon as I finally had a bit of free time over Christmas, I got on with it. The pattern is a Self-drafted loosely based on another top I own. It would work equally well with a Billy Sweatshirt, Toaster Sweater or your go-to favourite sweater pattern.  I wanted to incorporate the V inside the body piece instead of joining in with the arms so I adjusted the sleeves a bit. 

Here's how I did it and how to make a sharp V colour block sweater. 

I decided to add the cuff and waist hem band in the same fabric as the top as I wanted to emphasise the V shape around the neckline. Although the neckline is in the plain GOTS Organic smooth ribbing in plain black

I think the effect is pretty striking and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The way I made sure of super sharp corners, was to leave the fabric that stays on the top, in this case the Mustard, stays intact, over the plain black, where I cut a slit in the corner to open up on to the mustard. I then pinned it securely and stitched all along making sure the needle went right in the corner of the black but still making sure it was holding the mustard.

Even though I stitched pretty much all of it with my trusty overlocker, I still made sure the corner was stitched with my sewing machine, so I could get the needle right into the edge of the slit I made on the black fabric and that assures you a sharp and secure edge.

This way, when I turn it inside out, the corner will be sharp but secure.

Finished it off with a Perfectly Imperfect Clothing label by Kylie and The Machine. Mainly because the colour matches perfectly and also because my handmade clothes are are sometimes a little imperfect but that's just the way I like them :)


Happy sewing,

Monica x


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