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Terms & Conditions

Using our images

We are not professional photographers here at Frumble but a lot of time, effort and money goes into creating the images you see on our website and social media.

Over the years we acquired a lot of photography equipment, fabric scanning machine and Photo editing programs to ensure we can provide you with the most visually accurate images of the products we are displaying.

As an online business, our photos are our most important asset. It's the only way our costumers can have a  feel of our hard to describe fabrics and haberdashery.

Please do not use our images without our consent, it's not nice. Please let us know before if you are a small business and would like to use our image to sell our product. This may be possible on some products/images. Or if you just want to share the picture to share your next dressmaking project. The image must contain our logo and credit must be given. You would like us to do the same for you, right? And we would be happy to do so! A lot of our costumers are small businesses too and believe it or not a lot of people that purchase fabric from us cant even sew! And sometimes we get asked if you know dressmakers, cushion, curtains etc and we would be more than happy to suggest you! Sharing is caring. 

Happy sewing!