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About Us

F is for Frumble, Fabric and Frolics

Mat and Monica established Frumble back in 2010. We started small from our spare bedroom and have grown over the years but we’ve kept a grasp on our business. All the products that we offer on our website have been carefully curated by these two cool cats. 

This means our small business is still just about as hands on as we can be.  Most of what you see here has been built by us with practically no previous experience, just passion for what we do, creativity and hard work.

Neither of us had ‘hi-flying’ marketing careers in London before moving out of the city to start a quaint haberdashery, we haven’t even lived in London! Mat studied Design Innovation at Sheffield Hallam and Monica studied Fine Art at Porto University specialising in Painting and Printmaking. Monica then became a full time designer maker, designing, sewing and selling her makes on her Etsy shop and Website.Mat was working in Civil Engineering as a 3D cad modeller while studying for another degree in Civil Engineering. We call him Mat 2 degrees.  Our other love in our life is running! We are quite passionate about it and take it quite seriously too, like covering ourselves in pompoms to run a race.

Monica has sewn all her life, she can remember sitting on her grandma’s knee guiding fabric through the sewing machine whilst her grandma worked the treadle of an ancient sewing machine (that still is at her parents’ house in Portugal). Monica’s passion for sewing has meant we’ve always tried to stock products that she would use herself. This means we constantly strive to get hold of great quality yet affordable items. 

Anything you have seen on our website, Instagram, Facebook that has been made, stitched or sewn must have been made by Monica. She is the one who can get creative with the threads. Her favourite patterns are usually weather related so very often her projects include rainbows, raindrops and clouds! Monica is also ‘Head of Social Media’ as she is the only one who knows the Instagram password.

If you send us an email or we send you one, then you'll most likely be chatting with Mat. In general, Mat deals with most of the computer-type things at Frumble but also spends a good chunk of his time cutting orders, wrapping parcels, making tea... 

Mat's sewing skills are a bit on the rustic side as in he prefers his sewing alfresco, on a hand cranked sewing machine and preferably with a side of Pimms!

Our friends would say that we are joined at the hip… Neither of us, nor our business would work without the other. We’re like the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of the fabric & haberdashery world.

There one other important member of our team, who is always there to catch us when something goes wrong. Cookie works from home every single day, but she is always on hand for a few cuddles at the end of a long day (it is impossible to take a picture of here where she doesn’t look grumpy) 

We love running our own business, but it’s a lot of hard work! We try to answer questions as quickly as possible and from time to time, we can may make mistakes, we’ll always do our very best to ensure we offer a high standard service.

Thanks for taking the time to reading a bit about us.

Do follow us on our Instagram for more fun pictures and updates!

Mat & Monica x