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Handmade Bias Binding - Limited Edition - Cake Sprinkles Pink


This is bias binding made by Monica here at Frumble Fabrics. We have cut the tape from one of the fabrics in our collection, sewn it together, and handmade the bias! We have handpicked the fabrics that we think will work really well for your next sewing project. This particular design is made with a now super rare sold out fabric so we won't be able to make any more when it's gone.

The bias binding is approx. 25mm wide and the edges are folded in. If you were to unfold the bias tape then the fabric would be approx. 50mm wide. Price is per metre.

Monica has been hand making bias bindings for over 15 years for her personal projects, and when we started Frumble 10 years ago, handmade bias soon made it to the shop. It's perfect for binding quilts, bags and home furnishings or even clothing. Handmade bias is a little more special as we use our own quilting fabrics so you are sure to add a personal touch to your project.

We can make it various widths for different finishes. We currently stock it 10mm, 25mm and 30mm.

If you are looking for double folded bias, where the tape has been folded again down the middle then you should be able to achieve this quite easily by folding it again down the middle and ironing. The fabric is really workable and easy to use as it's not starched like manufactured binding.

We LOVE bias binding so we also stock the highest quality bias binding products in all sizes, colours, folds, patterns and finishes that get specifically produced for us by a friendly family business that have been making bias for over 50 years.