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Jersey is a knit fabric that is often used for making clothes and dressmaking. It is also known as stretch due to the nature of the material and jersey is usually lightweight with a lovely drape, making it perfect for sewing projects like T-shirts, dresses and skirts.
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Jersey Knit Fabric for Dressmaking In The UK

At Frumble Fabrics, we have a huge range of high quality jersey fabrics. We stock a great collection of Plain Organic Jerseys as well as matching GOTS Jersey ribbing for finishing your handmade garment. You'll also see that we have a huge amount of printed jerseys that are perfect for adults and children alike.

What Is Cotton Jersey Fabric?

Cotton Jersey is generally made up of 95% cotton and 5% elastane (this gives the fabric its stretch property). Jersey is a Knit, or knitted fabric, and this also allows for more of the stretchiness in the fabric. Most Jersey fabrics we stock are around 200 GSM, making them soft and lightweight.

What Projects Are Suitable for Jersey Fabrics?

You can use Cotton Jersey for all kinds of projects but a few ideas include:

  • T-shirts and tops - Most t-shirts are made from knit fabrics because they are usually opaque, stretchy, absorbent and most of all they are practical and comfortable.
  • Underwear - Many undergarments are made from jersey fabric, as the stretch and absorbency make the fabric perfect for this use.