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30mm Cotton Fringe Trim (Per Metre)


This is the the most amazing fringe you will ever need! We love this so much and how good it looks on our projects. But best of all is how easy it is to sew and get a perfect result every time, thanks to the stay stitch along the bottom of the fringes that holds the threads together until you are done sewing. Then all you have to do is unravel the magic thread and admire your work! Ta-da!

This fringe trim is approx 30mm wide overall, made from 100% cotton and currently for sale by the metre. Multiple purchases will be sent as a continuous length to a maximum of 20m.

The trim has a white temporary stitch along the bottom of the fringe, which holds the fringing together making it easier to sew. The can be easily removed at any point but it is best to leave this on until it has been sewn into your project.

We tend to use paper tape to 'seal' the end of the trim before we cut into your desired length. We recommend leaving this on until use or better still sew a quick lock  stitch (back and forth) to hold the end tape in place if you prefer to remove the tape.. The nature of this trim means that it tends to come undone quite easily at the cut end because it's made of small pieces of thread that make the gorgeous fringes.. The manufacturer sends to us with a solvent style seal but we prefer our paper tape solution :)

We also have the option to purchase 20m reels on some colours and at a discounted price.

Please be aware that colours may vary from screen to screen. We take our photos in natural light.