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Per METRE Curtain Lining – 3 Pass Thermal Blackout Lining - Ivory

Price Per Metre

 This Blackout fabric is typically used as a lining for curtains or drapes in bedrooms and often found in hotel rooms, effectively blocking out a significant amount of light when the curtains are closed. It is highly valued by travellers, night-shift workers, parents of infants, and anyone who requires a darkened sleeping environment.

A 3-pass blackout curtain lining means that the fabric contains 3 components bonded together. A layer of white at the back (or front), then a black bonded to it followed by another layer of white fabric or Ivory in this case.


Additionally, it is well-suited for use as a movie projector screen. Our blackout fabric is sold by the half metre.

This fabric is perfect for using in conjunction with our insulating curtain lining for improved thermal insulation if sandwiched in between the blackout fabric and your chosen design fabric, you can created the perfect set of super insulated curtains or blinds quite easily.

The manufacturer advises that it should only be dry cleaned, although it is advisable to conduct a small test before proceeding with cleaning.

Composition: 70% Polyester 30% Cotton Acrylic
Width: 140cm
Weight: 220g/sq.m 
Stretch: TBC

We try to produce accurate images. You will often see the fabric with a ruler along the bottom and this is an actual scan to demonstrate the scale of the fabric print/design, shown in centimetres. With any image, the colours can vary from screen to screen. If you would like to match particular fabrics with threads, trims or other materials then please get in touch and we are happy to help.