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Remnant of Nostalgic Motifs Ivory (144cm)

£17.46 £21.60

Cotton poplin is durable and lightweight and very similar to quilting cotton, although it has a lighter heft and is less prone to creasing. Our poplins are often quite a bit cheaper than our other fabrics, which is always a bonus! You might use this fabric for quilting or making garments such as shirts, blouses, dresses and skirts.

Composition: 100%CO
Width: 110cm
Weight: 130g/sq.m 
Stretch: Little/None
Main Colour: Naturals
Vertical Repeat: TBC
Horizontal Repeat: TBC

As with all our---

This sale is for one our remnants/bolt ends. The piece will be full width, which is most cases will be 110cm and then the length is noted in the title of the listing. These are often end of bolt pieces so you may find that one edge of the fabric is not straight as this has been cut by the manufacturer (they are not as tidy as us). Often these pieces can be a little creased up too. Many of these remnants will also be the last piece we are able to get and once this has gone we can't restock.