Stretch Jersey Fabric Remnant Multi Pack Approximately 620g

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 This Bargain bundle is for a selection of  Jersey fabrics of smaller remnant or Bolt end pieces mostly approximately 15/20 cm wide but some may be wider. The size of the pieces in your bundles will reflect the variety of designs as the bigger the piece, the more weight it will add. Most of the time pieces are full width but can be other sizes too or more square pieces depending on what we have available at the time.

It is a mix of prints, plains, yarn dyed stripes, French terry, Soft Sweat, sports Jersey, Swimwear, Ribbing and any other stretchy fabrics we stock of all colours and styles. Most will probably be  organic cotton print jersey as it's mostly what our jerseys are.

The pack weighs about 620gr and that equates to approximately 2 metres of fabric more of less if it was single jersey but it could equal to more or less depending how much other fabric with different weight, like the heavier jerseys.

Perfect pieces for dressmaking colour blocking, small projects, kids and baby clothes, underwear, headbands...

Dimensions: From 10cm wide up to full width or half width of fabric (mostly are minimum  20cm wide)
Weight: 620g approximately 

Stretch: Various but mostly 50% stretch
Main Colour: Multi

Please note, the picture is just an example of fabrics included in some packs. The pack you receive may have completely different designs or colours from the ones pictured. 

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