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4m (approx.) Jumbo/Deco Pom Pom Trim Remnant Pack

£7.00 £8.00

Feed your pom pom fever with these bags of mixed colours of our large jumbo and deco pom poms! Deco pom poms are the same size as jumbo, but have a slightly more textured cord. We tend to get a few more remnants of the Deco so the packs may have more of this trim in them.

We have put together some remnant packs of our jumbo/deco pom pom trim. Each pack contains around 75g of jumbo/deco pom pom trim, which has a combined length of around the 4 meter mark. It could be a little more or a little less than this as the packs were prepared by weight rather than measuring length. 

You will receive a variety of colours and each length will be between 15cm and 90cm - which is perfect for smaller projects that require a selection of colours rather than longer lengths.

Great for purses, crafts (you could cut the individual pom poms off and stick them down), dolls clothes, lampshades, fancy dress, headbands, and much more!

Please note: the pictures are an example of the pom poms included. The pack you receive may have different colours and/or lengths from the ones pictured. I always try to include a good selection though.