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AeroFLOCK Fluffy Looper Thread 1000m Cone


Aeroflock is a soft, fluffy looper thread for the overlock or coverstitch machine loopers or spreaders. Not ideal to use on needles, use the AEROLOCK on the needles instead. Ideal for elastic seams on underwear and lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and gym wear. Perfect as an overlock thread for wool and knitted fabrics. Also ideally suited for decorative seams. Very high elasticity and excellent sliding properties.

Guaranteed durability, including with frequent washing and exposure to stress. Disruption-free sewability, even on sophisticated multiple overlock machines. Oeko-Tex® certified and manufactured in Germany in compliance with the most stringent quality guidelines. Miniking spool with practical snap-on groove that secures the thread into place when it is not in use.

+ Voluminous and fluffy overlock thread
+ For elastic requirements such as lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear
+ Especially suitable for decorative seams
+ Shrink free and ideal care qualities
+ Oeko-Tex® certified, made in Germany
+ Practical snap-lock: the thread can be locked in place when not in use